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04 October 2007 @ 11:37 pm
I have a couple of Wallpapers and a colorbar I've made that i would like to share. Now I'm not that good with photoshop yet so i think my wallpapers turned out just ok.

This first Wallpaper i got the image from one of sushi4ever posts. Thanks for sharing all the images you find with everyone. ^_^

The second one my sister found and she didn't tell me where she got it. I would like to say from Strange Chameleon: The Oguri Shun LJ Community, but i can't say for sure(Sorry). Also i made this one cause i was learning some new things on the net from a tutorial. Here is a link to it.

And last is my colorbar. Images i got from the Oguri Shun LJ Community.
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29 September 2007 @ 10:31 pm
OMG my birthday is soon i can't believe I'm going to be 25 in about 2 weeks. I'm getting so old T.T In a way i can't wait cause i know I'm getting a lot of shun goodies(XD) for my B-Day, but in another way i can cause i don't like the idea of turning 25 I'm getting closer to 30(that sucks).
I really don't have much to talk about i'm just a boring person i guess, oh i made my very first icon i'm using right know. It pictures Shun he looks HOT with his glasses on XD
Also i think i might make a new youtube account and give it another try. That way i can share more of my newer videos with whoever would like to see them. ^_^
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25 September 2007 @ 10:12 pm
Well i'm finally back i've been off this site for a long time. IT's been since last year. I have been on livejournal just not updating. Anyways i'm going to try and keep up with it once more and try and write in it every week. And i'm excited cause i have this awsome new layout Coding by doramatikku, graphics by ageuo @ shit_can. Thanks so much for it i got it at the oguri shun group at http://community.livejournal.com/oguri_shun/. And i'm still making fanvideos of shows and animes i'll post up soon. I need to find a new site where i can share them at. ^_^
04 November 2006 @ 01:04 am
Well i keep on forgeting to update my journal. I've been gone for a whole week at Vegas and just now got back. My family and i stayed at the Aladdin and well it wasn't that great. Anyways they whole trip was ok i guess. But i did get me a new FMA Roy Mustang blanket and a FMA Pillow case. And a cute doll plus some Nightmare Before Christmas stuff. So all and all i say i had a good time. I have more i could talk about but that would be way to much to write.
03 October 2006 @ 11:12 pm
Well once again i haven't been on in a little while. I just never think of coming here as much as i used to. Anyways just wanted to share my news with whoever reads this. At the end of this month my family and i are going to Vegas for my brothers wedding. To be honest i don't really care for Vegas at all. I've been there once when i was in high school and i just found it very boring. Maybe this year will be better. I also don't care for flying either espically now a days. Also i'm a little upset that they took me off of youtube. They said i upload a video that was breaking copyrights, but i took that video down way before cause i didn't want to get in trouble. So now i don't know if i can make a new accont or if after awhile if they'll let you back on. I had about 30 videos i've made uploaded for everyone to watch and i just got done making this awsome EdxArmony(Fullmetal Alchemist) video. Well if i'm lucky maybe i'll be able to get back on. Thats really all that i wanted to say. I'll try to update more often. ^_^
07 September 2006 @ 12:57 am
WOW i haven't updated in like forever. I've been busy doing other things that i just didn't think about updating. Where to start off. Lets see i got myself a new car and I LOVE IT. Its a 2007 Toyota Matrix and its a fantom Grey its my first car and i just love how it drives i'm so happy i got that one instead of a Scion XA. Also i have some stuff i made that i can share with everyone. I've been watching alot of Power Ranger Dino Thunder and Abaranger that i wanted to make a fanart to it. Ok you know how the american power rangers are based off of japanese rangers well this picture is of the black ranger from Aba/dino thunder. The top right hand corner is Tommy Oliver from Dino Thunder and the Left Hand corner is Asuka from Abaranger and their both the black ranger from that series. I never drew a ranger picture before so it was kind of hard and i messed up a little on the black ranger costume but its still looks good. This is the first time i drew Asuka and the 2nd time i've drew Tommy and i drew them anime style so it was hard to make them look like themselve, but i think i did an all right job. Well i hope you all like it. Here is the link http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39104552/
And here is my newest videos i've made
First video i wanted to do to Power Rangers Dino Thunders TommyxElsa. Also i must say Tommy is awsome and I LOVE him with short hair. He's Hot. Some of the clips are more fuzzy than other cause i had to use clips from downloaded episodes. They only put out episodes 1-24 on dvd and stoped but i wanted to make this video so much. Anyways i did it to Utada Hikaru song called Addicted to You. Here is a link to the lyrics. Enjoy
Link to video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lknXXabMBdA
Second one is a Tommy Oliver video and i did it to My Chemical Romance song called I Never Told You What I Did For A Living. Sorry for no new anime videos i just can't find the right song i would want to make to FMA or DBZ, and i don't feel like doing any other animes. I soooo badly want to make a Naruto video but i don't have enough clips yet. Also sorry about the quality its kind of bad cause i don't have most of the clips on DVD cause they don't have them on DVD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0fUCiCK4WU
And Last its to Power Ranger Dino Thunder its a Tommy video again since he is my fav in that show. I heard this old song i had and i thought i should do a tommy video to the song. And its a song called Paint It Black sung by Vanessa Carlton but its originaly by the Rollin Stones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB6jdyr3h9s
Well that's it i hope you all enjoy ^_^
14 July 2006 @ 06:24 pm
Hey everyone i don't have much to say besides i made 3 colorbars and its my first time making some besides that one i drew of the FMA girls on my info page. I still don't know how to put those links that people are suppose to copy and past if they like to use them. So its only for me i guess. Anyways check them out if you like. I also put them on my info page.



09 July 2006 @ 06:27 pm
Hello its been so long since i wrote in my journal. I've been so busy with work and other things i just didn't have the time. Also i was so busy making AMMs and drawing i just didn't even think to post here. Well not much has happend but i did get this cute new dog. Her name is Morgan and she is a Chow thats mixed colors. She soooooooo cute and shy. Well i do have some stuff i can share with you all who reads.

FMA video i've made this time to the 2nd Ending song Tobira no Mukou e but this version is sung by Romi Paku and its a Jazzy style. I love this version soooooooo much and Romi is such an awsome singer. I think i did pretty good with this video. Also i used some movie clips so SPOILERS AHEAD.

i made this video to see if I could do it. Its an Ed and Sophie (3rd game) video. I did it to Evanescence song called Bring Me To Life. I really like how it turned out. Also the title art is also by me. I don't see any pictures of just Ed and Sophie together so i drew my own to end the video, cause of the way the song just fades out.

and last
This is my first Manga Video and i did it to Full Moon Wo Sagashite also the song is I Constantly Thank God For Esteban by Panic At The Disco. Right now its Black and White, but i want to color it as much as i can. Also i'm learn how to do other effects. So later when i get done i'll put that version up.

Enjoy ^_^
30 May 2006 @ 01:40 am
Hey everyone i ran into some of the 3rd playstion2 game clips that someone upload at youtube and i wanted to post them here to show everyone. Also since its imported their isn't any subtitles but its still awsome to watch. Enjoy ^_^








And also i would like to share my newest amv i'm made. Its to Jimmy Eat World SOng called Hear You Me. ITs sooooooooooo sad and i loved how it turned out.

24 May 2006 @ 11:36 pm
Well as you all can tell i don't really update my journal much. There really isn't much to say, but i did finish school. So know i can go and find a real job. Also my brother came by yesterday and him and his girlfriend drop off their dog and we might end up keeping her. She is sooooooooooooooo cute a little black and brow Chow. Her name is Morgan. She so shy
Also i'll be posting some more of my AMVs when i get them done. I have about 3 new ones i'd like to share. And i have this awsome Vic song that i soooooooooooo badly want to make a video to Ed. The song matches him perfect. I think thats about it. ^_^